Boutique Hotel ORIZONTES in Katakolo Elias, Peloponnese

Boutique Hotel “ORIZONTES” in Katakolo Elias, Peloponnese

Date: May 2010

On the top of a hill, above the picturesque harbor of Katakolo, a small complex of 18 rooms hotel, offers panoramic views to the East and West coast of Peloponese as well as moments of relaxation and tranquility.

Its gardens were designed to enhance the building with a soft landscape characteristic of the Mediterranean gardens.

The flowerbeds are full of aromatic herbs and flowering shrubs. The walls are covered by clilmbers and the privacy of the area is achieved by the dense planting of a mixture of tall evergreen trees and shrubs.

Small pockets in the garden create private sitting spaces, for the visitors to drink a cold lemonade under the shade of the tall Pine trees, surrounded by the scents of jasmine and lavender.