Lower section of Syntagma square, between Karagiorgi Serbia and metropolis streets

Lower section of Syntagma square, between Karagiorgi Serbia and metropolis streets

Landscape architecture project

Assignment Authority: Municipality of Athens

Date: July 2021

Architects: Dora Papadimitriou, Architect – Dimitris Manikas, Architect – Leonidas Georgiadis, Architect

Contractor: THEMELI SA

The aim of landscape proposal is:

Α) The selection of big sized trees with intense spring flowering as an orientation tool with a unique identity.

B) The environmental upgrading and creation of bioclimatic conditions (e.i. shading for pedestrians, cooling during hot summer months etc.).

C) Choosing endemic species of local flora in order to achieve a sustainable growth of trees that results in an ever-decreasing maintenance.

D) Facilitation of future maintenance of green spaces, with the selection of materials for underground support, irrigation and ventilation of tree roots, to encourage their development in a contaminated environment as that of the center of Athens.