Construction of green roofs on 14 schools in the municipality of athens

Technological Institute of PIRAEUS – Green Roof Project


Project location: Petrou Ralli & Thevon 250, Aigaleo

Date of construction: May – September 2014

Substrate Thickness: 10-12 cm.

Type of planted roof: Extensive type- Access to the rooms is not allowed.

The project refers to a bioclimatic project designed to upgrade and restore the external environment of the buildings.

The green roof is applied to 3 buildings: Building C, Cookery Building, and a Small Room opposite the Inquisition Building

Groups of low herbaceous vegetation are selected, in organic shapes, with stone footpaths in-between that facilitate maintenance.

The plants species chosen, mainly native Mediterranean species, are of high resistance to strong winds, high temperatures, low irrigation and maintenance requirements and with high resistance to entomological and phytopathological infestations.

Their root system does not require a large substrate depth for their development and does not damage the roof infrastructure.

All Guidelines for Green Roofs have been followed (GEOTECHNICAL CHAMBER OF GREECE)