Luxury Housing Complex in Almyrida, Chania

Luxury Housing Complex in Almyrida, Chania

Date: March 2008

Four luxury homes with spacious gardens and views of the sea. Their gardens were designed by considering the area’s soil and climate, the need for functional space in each house and the aesthetic of the area’s landscape.

The view apparent in the openings is supported by low, flowering plants in groups, while each house’s privacy is protected by thick clusters of evergreen trees and shrubs belonging to the local Mediterranean flora, such as pseudo-pepper trees, mediterranean cypress, oleander and mock orange.

Thick clusters of tall trees and shrubs dominate the northern side in order to block the winds. Fragrant shrubs were planted near the garden walkways and functional sitting spaces, while thorn-bearing plants were avoided.

Due to the proximity and exposure to the sea, the selected plants are generally resistant to the sea mist, strong winds and dry climate.

Plants such as mock orange, blueweed, cycad, crawling rosemary, lantana, thorny olive, and milkwort lend color, volume and plasticity to the garden’s edges.