Modern Streetcar Athens (Tramway)

Modern Streetcar Athens (Tramway)

Date: 2003-2008

Contracting body: TRAM A.E.

Designers & collaborating firms: LDK, NAMA, G. Provelegios, Arch.

Contractor: K/X TERNA A.E. – Impregilo S.p.A.

The area’s landscape was restored and upgraded through the creation of new rows of trees along the tramways, by filling in and upgrading the existing squares’ green spaces adjacent to the tramways, as well as the creation of new green spaces.

The existing foliage was preserved where possible, and replanting occurred where necessary in harmony with the new configurations.

Planting took under consideration the flow of vehicles, pedestrians and the streetcar, avoiding the insertion of tall and bulky shrubs that would impede the drivers’ vision or the pedestrians’ viewpoint.

Shade was created, with tall evergreen and semi-evergreen trees that form a friendly environment for streetcar users and the areas’ inhabitants, especially during the summer.

Alleys of trees serve to guide vehicles’ and pedestrians’ both vision and movement.

Alternating the type of tree planted depending on the street or avenue orientates and provides identity to the area.