Private house in Ekali

Private house in Ekali

Landscape Study: M. Haidopoulou Adams- Landscape Architect, Papadimitriou- Landscape Architect

Implementation: H. Nikolaros, Agronomist

The layout of the exterior of the house and the selection of plants were made based on the soil conditions of the area, the orientation of the garden and the functional requirements of the owners.

Located on the facade of the house, the designed pergola has a dual use, not only as the central entrance to the house, but also as the main garden, embraced by the canopy created.

The pavement was also designed to serve two purposes, as a passage for the cars and as a surface to sit and enjoy the garden, created out of stones with grass joints.

The surrounding garden includes perennials that flower throughout the seasons, climbers with aromatic flowers, such as jasmin, wisteria, roses etc and aromatic plants such as lavender, rosemary etc.

Tall plants at the boundaries of the plot create privacy from neighboring houses, while covering also the perimetrical fence.

In a little raised a bed, a vegetable garden serves the needs for organic vegetables