Summer house in Kea

Summer house in Kea

Date: 2018

Implementation: Angelos Atzakas

Architects: A2 architects- Sotiris Anyfantis- Sofia Zioga

On a hill overlooking Macronisos, a beautiful garden, created around a secluded country house, is hidden behind old oaks.

The western orientation of the garden gives all the benefits of the beautiful view to the sunset in summer, but also the disadvantages of the intense northwest winds and warm afternoons on the balconies in summer.

For these reasons, new seating areas were created, protected from the northwest winds and under the shadow, in other more protected spots.

The exposed areas were planted with species resistant to the strong winds of the Aegean islands

The existing large oaks and the worn-out stones from the weather and humidity create an atmospheric backdrop for this beautiful garden.